Monday, December 14, 2009

Love, 1 year (and a day) later

One year ago yesterday Jeremiah officially proposed to me! Of course we already had the temple booked and such, but it was the night I got my very special ring and knew that if Jeremiah was willing to spend X amount of dollars on me, that he wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to marry me and be with ME for eternity!


I think the more interesting part of the story is when Jerry asked my father for my hand. I was told the exact words that came out of my dad's mouth were "Why would you want to marry her? She is so crazy!" Wow, thanks for the support, dad. Basically my parents like my husband more than me, but I'm not complaining. I would too if I were them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

stop the demands!

I have had about 10 complaints in the last month about needing to update my blog. so here you go.

every once in a while I think of something I could potentially write a post on i.e. ducks, Singers, my hatred for music theory classes. But all of those posts would be pretty much horrible for anyone to read, so I will try and stick with happy subject matter.

To pay for December rent Jeremiah and I had to write out separate checks, depleting both of our savings accounts to SINGLE digits. We have been talking about money a lot and trying to come up with solutions, and there are plenty, but our biggest concern is just having enough cash to pay for January's rent.(well, this is sounding like a depressing post, huh?). It has definitely been something we both have been praying about. Today at work Ken called me into his office and told me to shut the door(which always makes me suspect bad news). He then told me that he was going to give me a small raise, and that it was going to be retroactive from September! So basically I am getting a little Christmas bonus! It won't be very much, but it will still help contribute to my bank account and next month's rent!

Little miracles make me happy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A conversation over burnt chocolate chip pancakes

D: I feel so bad for the girls in then 14-15 yr. old group at EFY, they are all so cute and all the boys that they are with look like they are 10.

J: Yeah, I feel bad for them too.

D: I remember at that age it seems like only a few boys actually want to have girls as friends, but every girls wants to have guy friends.

J: I don't even remember that period of my life.

D: what, because you had so many...

J: No, because I had no friends.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Evil Baby, Drunk Men

About once a week I sit down, ready to write another post, but I can't think of anything to write! Yesterday, I recounted a dream to my co-workers, and got the idea that I should post my wacky dreams! I totally understand if you don't read them, I think it will just be fun for me to be able to go back and read them.

So here's the dream:

I had a baby boy, but wasn't quite sure how he got here since I didn't remember being pregnant. He had to go away for a few weeks. The weeks past and I was able to see my baby again. The people who cared for my baby during the weeks told, "You are going to have to put your baby to sleep." I was appalled because you can't put babies to sleep! They are so innocent and precious. The people went on to tell me, "Your baby is going to grow up to be a serial killer, so he needs to be put to sleep." I refused to believe the people and took my baby back. As I am looking at my baby, he get the evilest look on his face, opens his mouth crazy-big, and ATTACKS ME! He was trying to kill me. And I agreed, that my baby was evil.
Then I woke up.

On another note: I went selling with Jeremiah on Memorial Day(this is sadly not a dream). Quickly I realized that I am not cut out for sales, because I am a push-over, and I wanted it to be over as soon as possible. I walked up to a house with its' garage door open, and with the family inside the garage having a Memorial Day celebration(with beer). Grandpa was sitting in the corner singing country/folk songs. I started pitching to the owner, but he was in a contract, so I started to leave and said to Grandpa, "I will miss your singing! It made my day."
"What do you even know about singin, little girl?" sassily says Gramps
"Actually, I am music major, so I think I know a little, and I think you are awesome!"
"Well, I am a professional," lies Grandpa.. he was horrible.
"I believe it!!" I lie.
So after some prodding, he convinces me to sing for him and the others. Usually I would just say no, but I was just buying time so that I didn't have to go knock more houses, so I sang for them. All the while they were cussing under their breaths and grandpa insisted on standing 7 inches from my face and staring right at me.
To make a long story short, I made $40 that day. And not from selling phone service.
That's right. I am a PAID singer.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a little shut eye.

OK: I just want to say 'sorry' for my last entry. I got many complaints about how the point that Jeremiah is the cutest husband ever was, in fact, not proven at all. The point is THAT IT WAS PROVEN IN MY HEART.

hm. So I thought that once Jerry and I were married all problems would be fixed RE: our laziness. This assumption was indeed FALSE. sad, huh? The only redeeming part about all of this is that instead of staying up together until curfew and getting nothing productive done, we now stay up until about 10:30 and get nothing done. So at least we are getting more sleep.

While we are on the topic of sleep. I have a story! I hope it sounds as funny as it really was, but it probably wont(just like my last failed story trying to prove to ya'll how cute jerry is). So I guess I am not quite adjusted to sleeping with a man yet. I mean, we've adjusted in certain ways--like how we both like the covers, who sleeps on what side, and whatnot. But waking up and seeing Jerry right next to me and sometimes even [touching] me kind of takes me off guard. Just the other morning I happened to stir before our alarm went off. There I was half awake, and I hear a little cough next to me. I rolled over quickly and what was there?!??!?! A MAN!!! I screamed. Make fun of me, but that is what I did.
Later that morning when our alarm went off I opened my eyes to see.. WHAT? A MAN!!! staring straight at me!! like 3 inches away from my face!! Now some may say that that is a tender moment and that I should cherish it("I love waking up next to you and seeing your face"(eye flutter)). Needless to say, I did not cherish that moment, but I'm pretty sure Jerry cherished the memory of me jumping and screaming. good for him, I guess.

DISCLAIMER: I do enjoy Jerry's presence in the morning, and his face isnt scary. I am just easily startled.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, I'm pretty sure only 5 people read this.. and they already know everything I am about to say.. but I am avoiding studying so I am going to post an update on my life!(plus.. there is a lot of new stuff anyway!)

Well, I got engaged
Was birthed 2 nephews
Got into the music program
And got hitched!


on a lesser note:
I got my wisdom teeth out
Had my cell phone stolen
Turned 20
Went to Idaho and Arizona
moved apts

So since I've been married a number of people have asked me sarcastically if I was going to start a blog about how cute my husband is. And I responded "NO! HA! not me! never! HA!" well, here I go..

i cave

It's hard not to when, seriously, you DO have the cutest husband ever! So, I am going to try and not force his cuteness on you, and this will be the last time I call him cute(on this blog).. but know that if I randomly tell stories about him, know that I am trying to convince you that he is, in fact, the most adorable married man you have ever met/heard of/live on the same earth as.

So yesterday at lunch time, Jeremiah and I were home scrounging thru the pounds of sugar wedding food in search for some nutrition. When none magically appeared I excitedly remembered that I had some Pizza Rolls in the freezer which I had bought a month earlier on sale at Smiths as a splurge. My mouth started watering as I thought of eating the fake meat, cheese substitute, and bleached carb combination. I turned to Jeremiah in a frenzy and exclaimed my pure passion for my discovery, only for him to reply with frowns, healthiness, and hatred towards a little piece of heaven that he had never before partook. But I wouldn't let his negitivity bog me down, and proceeded to bake my golden nuggets in the oven(on a stone, of course!). Distraught, Jeremiah settled for a pop-tart. As I began to partake of the extacy wrapped in synthetic death, my vision became blurred from the happiness I was experiencing so I did not notice that my loves were being stolen and eaten and enjoyed by none other than their harshest critic: Jeremiah!!

and I want to puplically say: I told you so.