Monday, April 26, 2010

seeing clearly

Ever since my brother started doing window cleaning I notice windows. Well, I notice dirty windows. It is pretty much a curse. Everywhere I look there is dirt and dust all gettin up in windows' business, and it is gross. I am grateful to go to a university that cleans their windows. I am very ungrateful to live in an apartment complex that has more important things to do than clean their windows, and they don't even do those more important things! And this brings me to another subject. WE ARE MOVING. Two blocks away, that is. But hey! No more crummy management and grumpy neighbors who yell at us and leave notes on our car!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new!

This past month has been a pretty eventful one in the Hale home.

Jerry (unfortunately) got news of the MPA program. Even though it wasn't what we wanted, we are happy to know so that we can start coming up with more life plans! Well at least I am. Sometimes I just sit back and think about the type of decisions I have to make compared to most 21 year old women, and it makes me feel a little too grown-up.

We sold our contract!! And hopefully got the apartment we wanted, although that is still forthcoming news.

But that means we are moving out of our ward. :( Which makes me sad, if you couldn't tell by the frowny face. We have been in the same ward since we were first married and I LOVE our bishop. I think we will start going to a family ward though, so that will be a nice change. And maybe I can go under the radar and NOT be called as ward choir director. Although I have a feeling that I will continue to be called as one until I enjoy it...

I had my last Singers concert of the year. Being in Singers has been a HUGE commitment. I knew being in it meant 6 hours of rehearsal a week. plus 12 or so concerts. But I had no idea the amount of physical, emotional, and spiritual commitment it was going to be. I have been seriously debating whether I want to do it next year since it will be a tour year, and will be even harder. but I think I will. But don't quote me on that.

Only two more weeks until vocal juries and finals! Then we will move into our new apartment and I will start Spring term (which I found out today that I got more grants for, THANK YOU OBAMA).

Sorry. My posts usually seem to be lists. And I know that's boring.