Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i am a confused individual

Hate: running
Love: running with Jeremiah

Hate: corn bread, hot dogs
Love: corn dogs

Hate: people who love Wicked
Love: Wicked

Hate: change
Love: changing for the better

Hate: being wet
Love: swimming

Hate: learning German
Love: singing in German

Hate: working
Love: money

Hate: being tired
Love: being tired with Jeremiah

Hate: bananas and yogurt
Love: bananas with yogurt

Hate: cleaning
Love: A clean room

Hate: school
Love: learning

Hate: Twilight
Love: Twilight

Hate: being alone
Love: being alone with Jeremiah

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Adventures of Jerry and Danielle

The other night Jeremiah and I decided we wanted to get out of our socially intense apartment complex and just have some not so intense time to ourselves. I grabbed a deck of cards and we hopped into Jeremiah's souped up mexi-car. We parked on some mountain and were going to go on an adventure, but it was too dark and we were both wearing flip-flops(well, we were both wearing MY flip-flops, but that is a story for another day) so we opted to just sit in the car and play speed. After many failed attempts to get the cards to not slide around, we got distracted and started talking.
Now, mind you, we were on top of a dark mountain about 10 minutes away from campus, so you can imagine that there was the occasional passer-by-er. And me, being the jumpy freak I am, would jump everytime I heard/saw another human being(crazy! i know.) Of course, Jeremiah just lives to see me squirm and encourages it frequently. And this night was not an exception: there was much prodding and scaring on Jerry's part, and much screaming, jumping, hitting, and spitting on my part.
Being scared aside, the night was going well. Jerry was telling me about his mission and worm-selling business, and I was telling him about how I ruin peoples lives. Good Conversation. At some point Jeremiah's eyes get all big as he looks right past my head. "Danielle, get out of the car on my side," says Jerry.
"You're not scaring me this time! I hear people outside but I'm not scared."
"Please just get out of the car. You'll thank me."
Despite my unwillingness, I decided to trust him and get out of the car. Jerry then proceeds to tell me that he saw a mouse inside the car where the seatbelt comes out.
A Mouse. In A Car.
Being the sensitive person I am, I started to tell Jerry that he was crazy, and that he had mistaken a shadow or my hair as a rodent. After inspecting his car and playing with shadows, Jerry was convinced that he in fact was crazy, and was just seeing things.
We got our bodies back inside the warm car to again reminisce about our childhoods. Of course there was not always noise coming out of our mouths(pretty surprising, since I was part of the conversation) which made for good down time to gaze into each other's eyes, or as Nate calls it, laser beaming each other. During one of these quiet, brief moments while I was contemplating the meaning of life I heard a ..
"squeek squeek"
accompanied by a scuffling of feet!
You can imagine the chaos! We both screamed like little girls as we desperately struggled to escape the rodent infested vehicle! Of course I said sorry roughly a million times for accusing Jerry of being crazy. After a little more shuddering and such, we set out on our mission to de-mousify Jerry's mexi-car.
You should have seen this mouse!! I would venture to say that if this mouse was able to swim, it would be the Michael Phelps of all mice. It would hop and run at top speeds, he was like a flash of light!, and hence, impossible to catch. After about a half hour Jeremiah finally swept the amphibian mouse out of the car with his(aka: MY) flip-flop.

Moral of the story: If your boyfriend tells you there is a mouse in his car: Believe him.