Friday, April 5, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Provo [food]

Provo has been really good to us. We met here. We started a family here. We have experienced life here for a combined 16 years!(!!!!)

I have to admit that when I first came here I thought the food scene was awful. (one of my first experiences: Costa Vida employee accidentally pouring dirty dishrag water into sauces.. and then using them!) And I think it generally was, but over the last few years Provo has really stepped it up!

Here are the establishments Jerry and I have really come to love. We have been splurging a little and have been going to each one to say goodbye.

(in no particular order)

1. DP Cheesesteaks

Wow. It's amazing. I don't know if I can come up with the words to tell you how amazing it is. If you like cheesesteak sandwiches at all, you will love these sandwiches. Our favorite ones are Mushroom Pepper steak and the Cherry Pepper steak. Adding mustard makes the experience even better.

It is located in the shopping strip with Jamba and Sub Zero. There is never a line! It takes about 3 minutes for them to make your sandwich. This is an ideal place to bring a baby (which is a huge plus for us)

2. Nicolitalia Pizzaria

By far the best pizza in town. At least a billion times better than Brick Oven, but I really don't think much of Brick Oven..

There is a really extensive menu, and we have only tried a few things, because after we found our favorites it's hard to  be adventuresome when perfection has been reached. The margarita pizza is superb. I love the sausage and peppers calzone and Jerry prefers the chicken parm calzone. The house salad dressing is really yummy. Our favorite part is the marinara sauce. It is special. Jerry thinks if we ask nice enough they will give us the recipe. Keep on dreaming, man.

Located by KFC and Pizza Pie Cafe. It is a walk-up and order place, which we like. Since the pizza is Boston style and the owner is from Boston, when they call our order they say, (in a Boston accent) "Jerry Rice!" My dad always wants to eat here when he visits, he says it is authentic Boston pizza(he lived there for a few years).

3. Black Sheep Cafe

The only "real" restaurant to make the list. We prefer non-traditional restaurants because a) no tip necessary and b)  it's easier with a rowdy baby. So, this one-of-a-kind restaurant has to be really good to make our top 5. That being said, we only go at lunch time.

According to its website, Black Sheep Cafe is "Contemporary Southwestern Native American Cuisine." We have had probably half of the menu, and it has all been good. But our favorites are all the sandwiches: pork is Jerry's fave and the Bleu burger is mine. (My brother Devin says that the Bleu burger is the best burger he has ever had) They come with a choice of sweet potato fries or Mexican street corn, we both prefer the fries WITH the chipotle lime dipping sauce, which you have to specifically ask for. The shrimp is good, the tacos are good, the frybread is awesome. I think my favorite part of going here is the unique flavors and combinations.

Located at 19 N. University Ave. The service is unreliable, but nice.

4. Braza Express

Jerry served his Mormon mission in Campinas, Brazil. In the 2 years he was there he developed a deep love for the native cuisine. He says that Braza Express is really authentic. Unlike fancier, pricier Brazillian restaurants, this one is more like the daily cuisine.

My favorite part is the rice and black beans and the fancy juices (cashew is so nummy).

Located at 180 N University Ave. Cafeteria-style ordering.

5. Cubby's

Another manly sandwich joint. But let me tell might be my favorite on the list. Unfortunately, it seems to be everyone else's favorite too. Especially the hipsters. Unlike the other places in my top 5, this place is always packed, so try to go on a weekday, but even then it will probably be busy.

We've had probably half of the menu, and it is all phenomenal. I don't think it is possible to not have something absolutely life changing every time you go. No exaggeration. Jerry's favorite is the tri-tip sandwich. My favorite is the italian sausage, or italian beef, or the burger.. can't decide. And the salads are the best around. The rosemary sea-salt fries are yummy.. and I really want to try the buffalo fries, but I'm too cheap.

Next to Little Ceasers and Sonic. In walking distance from our house... yeah, it's awesome.

Honorable Mentions:
Red Line Deli (food is decent, but the best part is playing on the free arcade)
Pizza Pie Cafe (I love the salad bar and the cookie dough desert pizza.. and really, what beats all you can eat?)
Cafe Rio (last time we went we found an almost full punch card! score!)
La Dolce Vita
Tucanos (but only when your parent's are paying)
J Dawgs
JCW's (we only really go for the shakes)

Wow, now I am hungry.