Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a little shut eye.

OK: I just want to say 'sorry' for my last entry. I got many complaints about how the point that Jeremiah is the cutest husband ever was, in fact, not proven at all. The point is THAT IT WAS PROVEN IN MY HEART.

hm. So I thought that once Jerry and I were married all problems would be fixed RE: our laziness. This assumption was indeed FALSE. sad, huh? The only redeeming part about all of this is that instead of staying up together until curfew and getting nothing productive done, we now stay up until about 10:30 and get nothing done. So at least we are getting more sleep.

While we are on the topic of sleep. I have a story! I hope it sounds as funny as it really was, but it probably wont(just like my last failed story trying to prove to ya'll how cute jerry is). So I guess I am not quite adjusted to sleeping with a man yet. I mean, we've adjusted in certain ways--like how we both like the covers, who sleeps on what side, and whatnot. But waking up and seeing Jerry right next to me and sometimes even [touching] me kind of takes me off guard. Just the other morning I happened to stir before our alarm went off. There I was half awake, and I hear a little cough next to me. I rolled over quickly and what was there?!??!?! A MAN!!! I screamed. Make fun of me, but that is what I did.
Later that morning when our alarm went off I opened my eyes to see.. WHAT? A MAN!!! staring straight at me!! like 3 inches away from my face!! Now some may say that that is a tender moment and that I should cherish it("I love waking up next to you and seeing your face"(eye flutter)). Needless to say, I did not cherish that moment, but I'm pretty sure Jerry cherished the memory of me jumping and screaming. good for him, I guess.

DISCLAIMER: I do enjoy Jerry's presence in the morning, and his face isnt scary. I am just easily startled.