Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, I'm pretty sure only 5 people read this.. and they already know everything I am about to say.. but I am avoiding studying so I am going to post an update on my life!(plus.. there is a lot of new stuff anyway!)

Well, I got engaged
Was birthed 2 nephews
Got into the music program
And got hitched!


on a lesser note:
I got my wisdom teeth out
Had my cell phone stolen
Turned 20
Went to Idaho and Arizona
moved apts

So since I've been married a number of people have asked me sarcastically if I was going to start a blog about how cute my husband is. And I responded "NO! HA! not me! never! HA!" well, here I go..

i cave

It's hard not to when, seriously, you DO have the cutest husband ever! So, I am going to try and not force his cuteness on you, and this will be the last time I call him cute(on this blog).. but know that if I randomly tell stories about him, know that I am trying to convince you that he is, in fact, the most adorable married man you have ever met/heard of/live on the same earth as.

So yesterday at lunch time, Jeremiah and I were home scrounging thru the pounds of sugar wedding food in search for some nutrition. When none magically appeared I excitedly remembered that I had some Pizza Rolls in the freezer which I had bought a month earlier on sale at Smiths as a splurge. My mouth started watering as I thought of eating the fake meat, cheese substitute, and bleached carb combination. I turned to Jeremiah in a frenzy and exclaimed my pure passion for my discovery, only for him to reply with frowns, healthiness, and hatred towards a little piece of heaven that he had never before partook. But I wouldn't let his negitivity bog me down, and proceeded to bake my golden nuggets in the oven(on a stone, of course!). Distraught, Jeremiah settled for a pop-tart. As I began to partake of the extacy wrapped in synthetic death, my vision became blurred from the happiness I was experiencing so I did not notice that my loves were being stolen and eaten and enjoyed by none other than their harshest critic: Jeremiah!!

and I want to puplically say: I told you so.