Friday, November 23, 2012


I am giving a talk on Sunday, which I have not prepared.
I have ~15 pages of research papers to write in less than a week.
I have 10 online lessons for a class due in 2 weeks.
My house is a disaster.

So, naturally, I thought I would write a blog update! (after a 10 month hiatus)

I had a baby. Hopefully I will find time to write out my birth story. It's a pretty boring story, but I got the best baby ever out of it!


I try not to have bragg-y updates on facebook. But I figure if you are reading my blog, then you will love me enough to get through some bragging.

Liana is the best. She was a calm and very aware newborn. She was sleeping through the night (12 glorious hours) by 3 months. And now she is NINE months old! And almost walking! She is the cutest. really. She makes this face when she's happy where she scrunches her nose and bites her tongue between her 4 little teeth.. and it makes your heart melt! She squeals with delight anytime we say "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Thinking about her just makes my heart hurt; it feels like it is going to burst with love and adorableness and kittens.

Jerry is applying to jobs. He went to DC two weeks ago to visit federal agencies and non-profits. Let's just say he is submitting his resume to a certain federal agency which-will-not-be-named ;). So it was a success. Actually right now he is in the other room writing some essays for a prestigious federal management job program.. but I hear snoring, so maybe not.

I had my final senior voice recital 2 weeks ago. My parents and sister came, which made it extra special. Maybe if I am feeling confident one day, I will put up a recording. I am just so excited to have a lifetime full of singing. People keep asking me, "What will you do now?" And there is just so much I want to do that I have a hard time answering. All I know is that singing will always be a major part of my life. When I'm not making some sort of music I feel useless.

I have been having a full life in the last ten months, I hope you weren't worried about me, Internets! Maybe once I graduate--in 2 weeks-- I will make time to blog. I really do enjoy it. I actually have some posts already written out, I'm just weird and haven't posted them for various reasons.

Okay, back to writing a talk. (For those non-Mormons out there, in the LDS church our Sunday worship services include hymns, sacrament, and short "talks" by various members of the congregation.)